Jul 122010

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If you have not already figured it out, then you should know that you’ll need more than a fishing pole in your hands to get the edge on a big catch. The thing that you have to figure out immediately is that fishing varies vastly between rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea. What works on one body of water often will not work on a different body of water. Deep sea fishermen who fish to earn a living or simply are serious about their hobby know this and know that the right fish finder is important. The Furuno FCV 295 10.4″ Fish Finder is a serious fish finder.

Though it may be tempting for you to rush out and purchase the Furuno FCV 295 10.4″ Fish Finder you should keep in mind that this fish finder is not for recreational fishing on a river. This highly advanced fish finder is far more useful in an ocean or deep water setting if you are a professional fisherman and need to catch large fish or large schools of fish for your job.

The 10.4″ color screen on the Furuno allows you to see it in daylight, which is very important. Cheaper fish finders are often unreadable when light is shining directly on the screen. You do not have to worry about that with this model. It can also locate fish and respond back with the echo so you know the exact size of the fish and how large the school of fish is. That is extremely advantageous for professional fisherman looking to fill their tanks with a plentiful catch. The Furuno also gives you the ability to vary your frequency between 28 and 200 kHz. You can also customize the colors of the echoes so you can differentiate between the different objects or animals that it picks up.

The Furuno FCV 295 10.4″ Fish Finder is not for everyone. At a whopping $2,562.78 (with a 10% discount) at www.boatersworld.com, it is a very expensive fish finder to own. This is not feasible for the person fishing in a stream or lake. This is meant for serious professionals. So if you are just fishing as a way to pass the time or for a hobby, then there are much cheaper fish finders on the market that will do a good job for your particular needs.

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