Mar 082010

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The world of central heating is often a complicated one, and many homeowners just don’t know the ins and outs of central heating systems, including boilers and radiators. It is fair to say that some do take it for granted that they have heat on demand. There is, however, more to central heating than you probably know about. I could tell you everything there is to know about central heating in this article, but that may take some time, so for now we’ll go back to basics.


It is the boiler that forms a fundamental part of a central heating system. You can have single boilers or combi boilers and both do the same principle job of generating the heat for your home, but combi boilers do a little bit more, and they also heat the water. Some people see the use of a combi boiler as a cost-effective alternative to the old appliances. People therefore choose to have combi boilers these days because they are much safer and last a long time.


You will find that the radiators play an integral part in keeping your home warm. Without a radiator in the room, the room would be freezing cold. They can also be used as a good guide for when a fault has occurred within the central heating system. If the radiator doesn’t heat up after the heating has been turned on for a while, this essentially means that there is a fault somewhere down the line. It could be with the boiler or it could be that particular radiator.

Central Heating System

Remember that the term ‘central heating system’ applies to the boiler and radiators. Some people might also talk about the central heating system when they want to change the thermostat temperature.

Now you’re a pro on all things central heating related, why not do some research and find out more intricate details? You will feel enlightened.

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