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If you are thinking of moving house, one of the first things you should put on your list is the need for central heating installation. This is particularly true with rising energy costs.

Heating Issues

As you inspect potential homes, the central heating installation should be foremost in your mind. It is important that you look at many factors in your potential new home to evaluate the feasibility of central heating installation.

1. Layout – You might be surprised to learn that the layout of your home plays a large part in determining the central heating costs. While high ceilings are beautiful architectural aspects, they can be a huge heating issue. The fact that heat rises means you will need to leave the heating on for longer in order to heat the whole home. If you’re wanting to reduce your heating bills, a home with high ceilings probably isn’t the best one to choose.

Something else to consider with your potential new home is how many floors it has. With a home that has many levels, considering how you intend to heat all the floors is important, especially the lower ones. With homes that have 3 stories, they are called tri-level homes and are often subject to the zone effect. This basically means that the top rooms will be very warm and the lower ones will be very cool. Unless you have a very sophisticated heating system, tri-level residences are going to drive your heating bill through the roof.

2. Control Areas – There is one popular way of reducing the need for central heating in homes with high ceilings, and that is to opt for a controllable heating system which will make life a lot easier. Something else to consider is a central heating system that you can control, so you wont lose as much heat in a home with high ceilings or multiple stories. Since there are so many technology advancements in the world of central heating installation, there is now the option of only heating the rooms you need to, which will reduce your energy bills. These can be a godsend for larger homes where certain rooms are not used often. It may be that the home you want to move to hasn’t already had central heating installation, which means a controllable system is something you can think about before you buy.

3. Vents – As a homeowner trying to be cost-effective, be sure to think about the vents in the home. The vent layout in many homes is very badly considered, so you will need to look at this. You only need to think about vents underneath the windows to realise that this is a waste of heat and energy. In addition to this, rooms without any vents can also be problematic, as they will take longer to heat up meaning you have to have the heating turned on for longer.

If it is a new home you’re thinking of buying, the central heating installation shouldn’t pose much of a problem as all the details above should have been taken into consideration by the developers. However, with older homes, you may need to consider central heating installation and work out if it is going to sap your cash flow during the winter months.

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