Apr 212010

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Alternative energy is now gaining millions upon millions of converts throughout the world. The easiest ones to tap into by far are the sun and the wind. That’s the reason why DIY Solar Power has enjoyed such a meteoric rise in popularity. It wasn’t at all long ago that homeowners are paying tens of thousands of dollars to manufacturers for solar power systems.

They’re still big-time expensive, but now homeowners have the technology, plans than knowledge to build and install their own photovoltaic solar panels. It can be completed for a mere fraction of the cost. Although it may sound complex, making solar panels really is rather simple. Just about all hardware stores stocked the tools and materials needed to complete the project.

There are no special skills required to do it which means that anyone that gives it a try and succeed. The DIY solar power community is very active and growing which is wonderful because they offer assistance when necessary. Using alternative energy resources are is rewarding for homeowners on several levels.

The cost of electricity will be reduced in a significant way, if not eliminated. It also increases the home’s selling price. The improvement in tech knowledge makes building solar power systems possible for just about anyone. It consists of solar cells, mounts and batteries. The process begins with building the solar cells.

The cells then convert the rays of the sun into volts used for electricity. Wiring themselves together when they’re completed forms the panel. It is the cells working in tandem that creates a functioning panel. The end product is called a photovoltaic solar panel. Photovoltaic is a fancy way of saying that the sun’s rays is converted into electricity. The final step is to install it.

The electricity that is generated then either gets used, stored or sold to the electric company. Perhaps saying it can be sold as a bit of a misnomer. What happens is that the house is wired to the electrical grid and the homeowner sends their excess electricity to the utility company.

Credits are rewarded to the homeowner that can be used to offset their electric bill. To be able to generate enough electricity where none is needed from the utility company is known as going off the grid. Sounds pretty appealing doesn’t it? That’s because it is. In addition to saving money, DIY Solar Power is also environmentally friendly.

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