May 212009

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Wind energy quickly became the most efficient and cheapest source of generating electricity today. The non-complex assembly and cheap cost is what makes the idea so appealing. Other types of fuel poses grave threat to the environment and caused pollution so there’s no better time than now that we resort to harnessing the wind’s power. It’s because wind energy poses no threat to the environment, and it’s very easy to build.

Hence as a respectful citizen you can do your part for the climate by installing a wind turbine right on the rooftop of your house. These home turbines are specially built to provide energy for home consumption. The equipment to build the generator can be found on the web. And one can simply make his purchase for components online.

You can begin your project of wind turbines starting with the generator. This is quite an easy project as a lot of people built it themselves. One can opt to build the popular magnet DC generators. It is one of the most widely used motor to be used in assembling a wind turbine. But it is advisable to go for high voltage capacity motors.

Another viable source of renewable energy is the residential solar panels which can produce energy using the sun’s rays. This particular energy can be generated into electricity that can be used as to power appliances and lights. Solar power means solar energy and is becoming a lot more popular in homes because of it’s usefulness. Solar energy is renewable energy and it does not pollute the environment. This is a great way of saving on some money since you need to spend only for the components initially.

Solar energy generated at home can also be used to heat your home. Annually, you can save a lot of money by using this alternate source of power. As stated before, solar power is the leap towards the future because of the fact that it’s environment safe and it saves on your costs. Some developing nations have already considered making use of solar systems in their household. Wind and solar power usage have one common goal and that is they’re being looked upon as replacement to current ways of generating energy.

Wind power and solar power could both become important parts of future power production. They are popular with environment enthusiasts since they provide a fresh new option instead of the regular sources of non-renewable and polluting energy: fossil fuels.

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