May 312009

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Energy saving has become everybody’s bound duty in the current dynamic environment.
Energy saving does not only mean less consumption of energy but also finding an alternative to the fuels (which cause the global warming and a major reason for air pollution).
The air Pollution and global warming can be reduced to some extent by using bio diesel and bio gas as fuels.
Cars are invented that can perform through batteries and solar power.
Invention and usage of transportation by such means must be initiated and provided encouragement, for using it on a large scale.

To save the planet we inhabit, we must do things to help save our ozone. Exhaust from vehicles produces pollution. The more trees we cut down, the more the earth struggles to stop global warming.
As an alternative to LPG and microwave oven, people should start using the solar cooker, which takes energy from the sun and uses it as power to cook.
These are harmless and let us encourage all homes to become solar powered homes in the future so that we make the planet a liveable and lovable place for our next generation.
A solar energy roof no longer means adding square mirrored tiles to the roof of your home to make it solar efficient.

With todays designs and materials, you can purchase solar roof panels that look like traditional shingles.
You can install solar shingles either on the part of the roof or on the whole roof.
The portion of the roof having solar equipment is then joined through wire to the collector or combiner box.
This goes into some device which is domestic source of energy. There are various kinds of systems.
One type is a system which is not connected to your utility company’s lines. This means that you use the solar power to power your own home alone.

If due to climatic condition or any other problem the solar system fails to provide or store sufficient energy, in most of the cases, a battery backup system is kept handy.
One more kind is a solar system which is linked to the domestic power supply.
Under this system you can generate solar power for your home as well as be connected to the utility grid if you need additional power or have any type of failure with the solar and battery system.

When we made our new house, I was not unduly worried about interiors and such things because I had entrusted the work to one reputed company and all I had to do was give my preferences and release funds as and when they required.

My only concern was to look for a good company which could take of residential solar supply.
Since the city we had moved to, was not still aware of the importance of solar power, we had to really scout around looking for a good supplier of solar equipment, but our efforts did not bear fruit.
Ultimately, we had to summon a representative from a company in the neighboring city to do the job.
Of course, the person charged for his travel but we did not mind. He did a brilliant job much to our satisfaction.
Needless to add, we saved enough money on our future electricity bills, and we could absorb our expenditure on solar panels.

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