May 022010

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There are lots of different applications for solar panels for homes and businesses. Solar systems for home uses can be in two different types, those that use the sun’s rays for electrical purposes, and those that are intended to simply heat water. Both of these systemscan save you some money relatively fast as well as in the future. Solar electrical power systems have a lot of advantages. They are able to relieve a great deal of pressure off of using your power grid, saving you much money when the sun is out. With sufficient battery backup, you can even enjoy power after the sunset, or when the regular power supply is down. Many individuals use solar electricity to completely support their entire estate, completely relying on renewable energy.

Solar panels for home use can also heat up water, saving you money. In colder areas, where the temperature of the water table is less than 60 degrees, the application of solar power can heat up water to a higher ambient temperature. This could relieve a great deal of pressure on water boilers, because it wouldn’t take long to make water very warm. For ambient temperatures above 60 degrees, and where there is much sunlight, you may be able to forget about your water boiler entirely. Even just heating the surrounding water can lower your heating costs by 40-60%. Instead of solar systems having a photovoltaic cell array, you can use the ones that have pipes running inside their frames. When the water passes through, the sun’s rays heat up the water (more or less based on the type of piping). If this water runs through consistently before going into the hot water intake, it will be a little warmer.

Home solar systems can do significantly more than just heat up water and generate electric energy. Solar systems help us preserve the environment. For one thing, they use energy that is plentiful, renewable, and totally free. Generating electric energy from the sun doesn’t necessitate the use of our natural resources, plus solar systems don’t give off any bad emissions. Regardless of whether you are still hooked up to the external power network, or fully self sustained, using solar panels can help reduce overall energy usage. This will ease the burden on heat and power plants, many of which to this day use fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum products to produce elecric power.

With the right solar panel power system in place, not only will it pay for itself in a short space of time, but it will even make you money. How will it do that? If your solar panels are connected to the main power network still, and you generate more electric energy than you can use and/or store, the surplus goes directly back into to the main power network. In essence, you turn your solar system into a small-size power plant, and by law, utilities are to buy this additional power from you. You have to make all arrangements beforehand, but even a few dollars a month is better than making nothing at all.

Many users who use solar panels for homes and businesses will remain hooked up to the grid, just to receive extra income. In closing, not only can solar systems be utilized to save you hard-earned dollars when paying your bills, but can also be an extra income stream.

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