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Migraine headaches can be debilitating issue that interferes severely with daily functioning and quality of life. Preventing and treating migraine headaches, however, can be done effectively with a wide range of both over the counter and prescription drugs. The exact causes of migraine headaches are still something of a mystery in the medical community, but it is usually accepted that serotonin plays a large role in migraine. Low serotonin levels can frequently lead to a migraine headache episode.

Migraine headache symptoms can sometimes be preceded by what is known as an “aura.” An aura occurs with what are called classic migraine headaches. In a classic migraine attack, the patient may note changes in vision and mood. Tenderness in the scalp is another sign of an oncoming migraine headache. Alterations in mood can also occur, such as depression or irritability. These subtle symptoms can manifest as early as a day before the episode. The following migraine headaches are typically fairly intense, but do not last very long.

Common migraine headache symptoms take longer to develop, and last longer than classic migraines. This can be seriously debilitating, and can make daily functioning difficult. Fortunately, many medications exist to alleviate migraine pain. Sleep and plenty of fluids are crucial factors in migraine episode prevention. During an attack, be sure to remain in a dark and quiet environment. Use a cold compress to reduce the tension, and massage the scalp with a fair amount of pressure. Stress is believed to be one of the top causes of migraine headaches, and should therefore be avoided as much as possible. Some foods are also believed to be behind causes of migraine headaches.

Physicians recommend, for example, that sufferers consider avoiding red wine altogether. Canned and processed meat can also attribute to migraine episodes. Cause of headaches can also include excess amounts of caffeine, aged cheese, or cultured dairy products. If you suffer regular migraine headaches, see a physician for a full list of foods and beverages that should be avoided.

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