May 192010

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A willingness to be healed in the first place is what spiritual healing involves, at the most basic level. Do you have to accept God, or understand source of creation, or life energy? No not at all.

Does God need to have a relationship with us? Whether we are conscious of a spiritual relationship or we are not, we automatically are connected to a higher design, so I would say no. Spiritual healing will work for all of us no matter what.

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Spiritual healing is a way that normally transmits energy to a person who needs it. So this kind of treatment does not just work on the soul, but on body, mind and spirit, as all things are holistic, and are considered one unit. For your best well being this unit must be in harmony.

Most peoples health problems are really Spiritual in nature. Mental and emotional problems are the cause of many illnesses, which eventually become physical conditions.

What is spiritual healing?

Well, spiritual healing is when a practitioner of an energy system, like WhiteLight Self-Empowerment system, channels healing energy from spirit, or life force energy, sometimes referred to as chi, to someone who needs it, this is called spiritual healing. But part of spiritual healing can also be on a mental level too.

The healing does not come from the healer at all, but through him or her from the source, it is channeled. However you don’t actually need a healer to take full advantage of spiritual healing. You and me can learn to heal ourselves. The healing process can start just by changing the way you think.

The unity of body, mind, and spirit must work together in harmony. It this case you will be, and remain, healthy. Spiritual healing is something we all can have. Look into WhiteLight Self-Empowerment. It is the best system to learn it, or receive it.

Has your time come? Heal the spirit, and everything else will follow.

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