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When talking about green energy, what are we really talking about? In a nutshell, green energy is energy that comes from any one of the following renewable energy sources: wind, Sun/Solar, water/ hydroelectric, geothermal, biofuels and biomass energy.

There is no way that you are not going to find some form of green energy in play anywhere in the world at any given moment. This article will discuss how each renewable energy source is considered to be green energy, starting with wind power.

Renewable energy advantages will become more and more evident in years to come. Fossil fuels are continually being depleted and reducing the quality of the air that we breath.

Renewable energy systems encompass a broad, diverse array of technologies, and the current status of these can vary considerably. Some technologies are already mature and economically competitive, while others are yet to be unveiled.

The term ‘Renewable energy’ refers to electricity created by energy sources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, and biomass. These energy sources are considered renewable sources because they are continuously replenished.

Technologies play an important role in the U.S. Government’s strategy to respond to the challenges of climate change, energy security and local air pollution.

Renewable Energy resources (hydropower, wind, geothermal, biomass and solar) are currently used to generate only about 10 percent of all electricity in America. If you were to back out hydropower, the remainder only represents about 2 percent of our electricity, produced.

The price we pay for energy is not only your monthly electric bill. Behind the charges on the bill, oil, gas and coal reserves are being depleted quickly, and their wastes continue to eat away at our planet. So it is obvious that the issue of energy facing most of us is basically two fold.

Different approaches taken to tackle green technology issues and utilize alternative energy, currently focus mainly on wind energy and hence wind turbines, solar energy , and even the use of the stirling engine.

You may be thinking that these are strategies and methodologies which have to be adopted by the government and you can really do nothing about it.

In fact I shall show you briefly what you can be doing to be part of the Green Cycle which benefits not only the environment but also your lifestyle! In fact I shall soon show you how you could be making use of alternative energy to benefit personally. How about if I asked you: “Would you like to unplug your house from the electric grid and start living 100% on alternative energy? Would you want to save up to $200 per month and make the Electric Company pay you instead of you paying them?

Don’t forget that green energy will show you step by step methods that can be used by anyone who wants to generate his own electricity. So if you have ever wished to stop wasting money on your electricity bills and want to help save global economy and the Earth, you are on the right page. There are numerable ways as I have already explained , to produce alternative energy. However most of the products you find will not be suitable to produce the electricity needed to be used domestically.

They cost way too much for you to afford and can only be used corporately. Else, you’ll find some companies which have developed products for generating home wind power or solar power or both but they cost thousands of dollars excluding installation.

This is why I have developed the best deals which you can use to build in your own garage for just a few dollars! I’ve made loads of tests and spent loads of money to make sure you can be making use of the most effective ways to produce heaps of energy. All you need to do is apply it and start benefiting immediately. You are able to use between two types of electricity generators. These are solar based or wind based.

You could even combine both and form a home made Power Generation Plant. At the green-energy-earth.com site you’ll get instructions on what is best to build based on geographical location and the size of your house. Step by step diagrams are also available in manuals to make the building of your system simpler . What’s more, you’re going to have the time of your life building it! One other amazing way of benefiting from alternative energy and helping in the earth salvation, is by learning how to effectively convert your gasoline car to an electric car.

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