Aug 152009

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Finding hot under the collar?

Glaciers and polar ice are dissolving, sea points are rising, hot, dry weather, huge woodland fires, water restrictions, crop failures …

You name it, if these don’t possess in your life history yet, they shortly will. World warm and climate shift are facts of lifespan now, reportable to the International Panel on Climate Change, and numerous scientists.

Grand problems beyond our check!

Only are you hot below the pinch?

If you’re not, you believably live in a urban center where half of the Earth’s citizens experience now and get much for allowed. Because in earth 4 energy review city living we are far removed from natural forms that render our food, investing and energy.

Makes your kid even love that milk comes from a cow – or a soya bean if you’re that way inclined – and not from a milk carton?

True in the metropolis you cannot stick your direct in the sand (or under the asphalt?) and you are not immune from climate switch. Witnesses are the 15,000 generally older people that died in Paris alone in the sizzling hot European summer of 2003. Or the many killed in New Orleans at the ‘hands’ of cyclone Katrina.

And if you are hot under the collar, do you think perchance that at that place will be some spiritual technological break-through so they ever-responsible ‘They’ pass on fix the Earth? The ultimate stem cell technology maybe that can clone a new home for us!

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