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One of the more popular uses of solar power in the home is the solar attic fan.

As its name implies, a solar attic fan is powered and activated by sunlight. It is installed into the roof of the attic, with its panels facing the sky.

Why would one need a solar-powered attic fan?

Well, first of all, what is the purpose of an attic fan?

Since heat rises, all of the heat in a home tends to rise up into the attic. If this heat has no easy outlet, it will simply get stuck up there. This causes the over-heating. When combined with a lack of proper ventilation, this leads to dampness, mildew, and the the like.

Furthermore, when the accumulated attic heat is not allowed to escape, the temperature of the entire home rises.

While there are some circumstances under which you want to warm up your home, there are other circumstances under which you would prefer to cool it down. A lack of sufficient ventilation in a hot attic can make matters difficult. Thus, an attic fan can play an important role in allowing you to control the temperature of your home.

Okay, now that we understand what the purpose of this fan is, why would we want it to be solar-powered?

The first answer is obvious – to use cleaner energy and to avoid using fuels which damage the environment.

By using solar power for the fan, we can also save a bit of money on electricity.

But a more pragmatic reason for using a solar powered fan is the simple fact that it is basically “wireless.” You won’t have to worry about installing electrical wires and cables into your attic, in order to run your fan.

Solar-powered fans are relatively simple to install into one’s attic. But if you aren’t an enthusiastic DIYer ready to climb onto your roof with a knife and a hammer, you will probably want to get someone else to do it.

When installing a solar-powered fan into the roof, one has to actually cut a hole into the roof and install the fan in that spot. It’s smart to install it on the south facing side, which will receive more sun (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you would obviously install it on the north side). There is a certain degree of skill involved, as is normally the case when one considers the prospect of climbing up on the roof, removing shingles and roofing material, and cutting a hole through to the other side without damaging any rafters.

But overall the process does not take a long time, for someone who knows what they’re doing. The installation of the fan should be well worth the trouble in the long run, particularly if you live in a hot climate. It will run at virtually no running cost, while reducing the overall level of heat in your home. That reduces the costs involved with cooling your house (using less energy-efficient methods, such as air conditioning).

So, even if you don’t give a hoot about the environment, a solar attic fan might be a very worthwhile investment. Providing you do have an attic.

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