Jun 122010

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During past few years, wind power structures have gained a lot of popularity. The eco friendly systems along with the perfect and natural energy that it creates are the reasons for its popularity. Some scientists have expressed that wind power is far more beneficial to that of the solar power as its still usable even after the sun sets. Wind power is a free good which eliminates the need for any other energy sources. Nevertheless wind power energy has its disfavours, there s a high cost needed in setting up these wind turbines adding onto that the need for the right position to be set up needs to be considered. Wind energy is not that simple when it comes to installing and can be quite complicated.

Most of the wind power systems require frequent maintenance and certain parts should be replaced regularly. These parts such as battery packs are quite expensive. One of the disfavours of wind energy is that looking on the unpredictable nature of making energy. The potential of wind energy relies on the speed of wind, if the wind slows down the entire system will not work towards its capacity. Only certain regions in the United States will there be continuous wind energy available. In terms of the other regions, it s not viable to switch to wind energy even if it s cost effective. Backup energy resources needs to be available if the wind is not steady.

The other disadvantage of wind energy is that it s often located in remote regions; this increases the costs of transporting the energy that s produced in these farms. Wind energy needs to be received by a large number of people if it were to be useful. In addition to that, transporting this energy may not be simple. Wind resource development may be a contest for other uses of land. Instead of allocating the land for wind energy it can be used for generate something more serious to the nation.

Although wind energy plants are less hazardous to the surrounding environment when compared to other plants, they contribute to a certain level of pollution. The noise that s produced by the rotor blades can create aesthetic visual impacts and sometimes birds get killed by flying into these rotor blades. Wind farms take up a lot of space in order to be setup, in countries where space is limited this is not favorable. For a wind energy generator to start work, it requires the assistance of an external power source. These are the few disfavours that wind energy which could impact its use.

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