Jul 162010

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The world of central heating is often a complicated one, and many homeowners just don’t know the ins and outs of central heating systems, including boilers and radiators. The fact that people can have heat when they want it makes some take it for granted that they have an efficient central heating system. The thing is, there is actually a lot more to central heating than you know about. To start with though, lets go back to basics and detail the essentials you need to know about central heating. This article could go on and on detailing everything you need to know about it, but for now, let’s start with the basics; the ABC’s of central heating.


The boiler is where it all happens. You can have single boilers or combi boilers and both do the same principle job of generating the heat for your home, but combi boilers do a little bit more, and they also heat the water. Some people see the use of a combi boiler as a cost-effective alternative to the old appliances. Buy a combi boiler today and you’ll be pleased to hear that they will last you a long time.


You will find that the radiators play an integral part in keeping your home warm. If you didn’t have a radiator in a room, then that room would remain cold. They can also be used as a good guide for when a fault has occurred within the central heating system. No heat from the radiator means there is a fault. This is when most people discover a fault with their boiler.

Central Heating System

The central heating system is the name given to the complete heating package, which encompasses the boiler and the radiators. The central heating system can also refer to the thermostat, and when someone says ‘turn the central heating system on’ they are meaning adjust the thermostat.

Hopefully you now have a useful guide to understanding more about what makes up central heating in the home.

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