Mar 302009

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Many scientists are now researching ways to harness the sun’s energy, mainly because with solar power, the possibilities are endless. But what are some of the pros and cons of solar power?

Although technology today cannot fully make use of this yet, using solar energy today will help you save on your electric bills and help save our planet. But what exactly is solar power?

Solar energy is the radiant energy that we get from the sun. This energy is now used to create electricity through solar power technology. Today’s technology makes use of different forms of solar panels comprised of photovoltaic cells, which collects the sun’s energy.

Now the question is, should you use solar energy? In order to answer this, you need to be familiar with some of the pros and cons of solar power. Knowing this will help you choose whether to use home solar energy or not.


– Solar panels do not create pollution as compared to fossil fuel. The only pollution it might produce is in the production of the panel, transportation and installation.
– Solar energy produces electricity quietly compared to renewable fuels and fossil fuel. No noisy generators
– It can bring electricity to areas that are not part of the national grid. A good example of this is in outer space, where the use of high efficiency solar cells powers the satellites.
– Installing solar panels in isolated regions is much cheaper than laying high voltage wires.
– Solar energy can be very efficient in a large area of the world even on dull or overcast days.
– Solar panels can simply be installed on rooftops so there’s no need to find a space to place them.
– Solar panels will help you to save money over time. Once installed, you get a free source of electricity for years to come.
– You rely less on the world’s supply of fossil fuels and thus help prevent global warming.


– The Solar panels and their installation costs can get quite expensive. The newest, highly efficient solar panels cost more than $1000 and most homes will likely need more than one.
– Solar energy can only be gathered during daylight. This means that by night, the solar panels will not be able to produce electricity for you. Using batteries can solve this.
– The effectiveness of solar panels is affected by the weather. For example, the panels gather less energy on cloudy days.
– Pollution also affects the effectiveness of solar panels, and companies and businesses in the city might not be able to benefit from them.

Eventually, solar power, along with wind generators and fuel made from renewable sources, will power the entire planet. Probably not in our lifetime, but knowing the pros and cons of solar power can help you get a head start that can save you money and resources.

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