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Transport and its Types

Transport— this is a set of the means for moving of people, cargoes, signals and information from one place to another.

Walking and swimming have been the first human’s means of transport. But nowadays we have a great amount of different transport to use for our movement and transportation.

Very often the term transport means all sets of infrastructure, management, vehicles and the transport agencies, which make transport system, or economy branch.

Transport is divided into three categories:
– transport of general use,
– transport of not general use,
– personal or individual transport.

Transport of the general use should not be missed with public transport (the public transport is a subcategory of transport of the general use). Transport of the general use serves trade (transports goods) and the population (passenger transportations). Transport of not general use includes inner industrial and inner departmental transport. And individual transport includes cars, bicycles, yachts, private planes.

Personal automatic transport forms a new category as it unites lines of city public transport and personal motor transport.

The short characteristic of transport types:

1. Water transport – the most ancient type of transport. This kind of transports (barge, boat, ship, sailboat) is used on the water (a sea, ocean, lake, canal or river). This type of transport plays a very important role. It is the cheapest type after pipeline transport. Though it is slow, it is an effective type of transport for transporting large quantities of non-perishable goods.

2. Air transport (aviation) – these are airplanes, aeroplanes or planes. This is the fastest but the most expensive type of transport. The basic sphere of application of air transport — passenger transportations on distances over thousand kilometres. Basically an air transport is used for transporting perishable food, especially valuable cargoes, and also mail. In such cases, when in a landing place there is no airdrome (for example, delivery of scientific groups in remote areas) not planes are used, but helicopters which do not require a landing strip. There is one big problem of modern planes — this is the noise they made at launch which spoils quality of inhabitants’ life in the areas close to the airports.

3. Rail transport – this is a train which runs along a railway or railroad. This type is used for transportation of cargoes and passengers.

4. Human-powered transport – is the transport of persons and goods which use muscle power of human.

5. Animal-powered transport- is the use of working animals for the movement of people and goods.

6. Other types of transport that can be divided into:
– Pipeline transport – it sends goods through a pipe (gas and liquids)
– Cable transport – aerial tramway, elevators, escalator and ski lifts
– Spaceflight is transport out of Earth’s atmosphere into outer space by means of a spacecraft.

Transport has 2 functions:
1. Passenger (travel transport) – is divided into public and private transport.
2. Freight (Shipping) – is subdivided into containerization, bulk transport and air freight.

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