Feb 202009

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I never would’ve tried an energy pill if my brother hadn’t recommended it. His trainer recommended a specific brand to him – and it had a huge impact on his life. Before he started taking energy pills, he’d sleep all day and when he was awake he was groggy and depressed. After taking energy boosters, his spirits were high and his life was under control. I was aware of the possibility that just by taking a pill for energy, his brain could’ve just imagined the newfound energy and motivation – but I was still willing to give it a shot myself, placebo effect or not. I’ve read about side effects for some energy pills. I know some experience nervous jitters, insomnia, or other side-effects… but none of them sounded severe enough to prevent me from testing this out. If the pills would be anywhere near as effective for me as they were for him, I’d be in great condition. Anyway, so I started using some of my brother’s pills (with his permission, of course). I’m shock about my new weight loss pills!

When I started taking an energy pill, it was basically so I could stay awake through my work day. My day is very long, and taxing – and it gets boring fast. After I’ve been sitting still in a cubicle for such a long time, I become slow and my work quality goes down steadily. My job requires me to do a set amount of work each day – the faster I work, the sooner I get out. The first week I took my brother’s energy pills, I got a week’s worth of work done in 4 days! I took Friday off to go to the beach!

During week 2, the energy kept flowing, and I went through my tasks faster than my coworkers. This was good and bad… when my boss noticed the speed I was working at, he started giving me more to do. I readily accepted the extra work – and by the end of the third week I got promoted! My coworkers began to ask how I got my second wind at work – I was a little apprehensive to tell them my secret, but I eventually let it out. Perhaps to be expected, the people I told just laughed when I named the energy pill as the explanation behind the work.

So far I haven’t encountered any noticeable negative side-effects. I haven’t even had any insomnia, which is something I often have even when I’m not taking any medication. Insomnia is a common side-effect with most energy pills, but my brother hasn’t experienced it with this one either – perhaps it’s just the brand. The energy we get from energy pills is put to good use, and we end up worn out by the end of the day. I’m starting to think I should get my girlfriend in on this energy-craze, but I kinda like waking up hours before she does. It’s too life-changing for me to not pass it on to those I think that could benefit from it. I still view it as unlikely – but I will be quite happy if I’m still getting these kinds of results in a year’s time. The second I start feeling anything less than amazing, I will certainly post an update to this blog – but until then, I’m going to get this product out there wherever I can.

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