Jun 072010

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Want a way to conserve money? Something that has not been released for life, but now you can finally get the blueprints of how to make your own free electricity. Sound way too good to be valid? But it is, and it is absolutely free energy.

It’s a machine that you can make yourself, and get free energy off the grid. It’s called a zero point magnetic generator, and with it you can get free energy. With magnets using magnetic intensity it will create perpetual movement, which in turn will create free energy for you to use. Running continually by itself, and will continually generate more energy then what it will use.

Think about the benefits of such a mechanism, and then you can figure out why for years it has been kept from the general community. If you’re able to create your own free energy you won’t need to pay for it from all those big companies who make tons of money. This generator that you can build manually will not use solar or even wind force.

Using very little space up in your home, so you will be able to place it with no a large area being available. Power bills will be eliminated either by half or even the complete thing depending on how much youwant to use the free energy generator. Doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold out the generator does not have to be in an environmentally controlled area. Materials that you need to build your generator are inexpensive and easy to find anywhere in the world.

The cost of the material will not amount to much, and again it’s very simple to build. Many years have been spent testing this idea and perfecting it. Now it’s being shared with many people, hoping to save money on those electric bills.

Many have already tried this system out and many more are certainly to give this free energy generator a try. Heck who won’t want to give up paying that electric check for free energy! Really safe to use producing no dangerous gases or anything, even a youngster can walk right by this generator and not get hurt.

A very green idea to get energy into your home, eco-friendly equals help for the environment! The costs of materials to build this generator are indeed very inexpensive with a total cost of USD200. Not bad, and easily made up in a month of electric bills for most people out there. You won’t need to use it to completely power your home, if you are a bit nervous of whether it will work or not, try it out for part of the devices in your home.

As you look into how well this free energy generator works you can pull over more of your devices, and fully power your home for free eventually. With not much cost to make this generator you will even make up the cost with only a small amount of your devices working on this free electricity.

Get the best ebooks about free energy here :

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