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If you are sincere for a life style change, you have to feel comfortable for that upcoming change in your mind. First and foremost is to say ‘No” to chemical oriented items from your day to day consumption. You can commence from recycling and taking a difficult decision while shopping at a grocery store.

When you purchase a can of tinned tuna please turn your imagination to the living conditions of the wonderful mammal of the earth, the dolphins. Will it destroy the serine living conditions of that animal? Or else, when you browse through the cloth stand of the store can you visualize that those cotton fabrics may be the product of large farms which are draining out the synthetic waste to the nearby rivers. You may find the scenario not so pleasant.

So the products which are produced with the least concern of nature pose the crucial and indeed the important problems. It is evaluated that farming alone has significant contribution by draining out the waste containing chemicals to the rivers. We may not find anything apparently, but it is altering the eco systems.

Those items are having the genetic ingredients which help for a rapid spurt of growth but surely not sustainable. The algae of the river is consumed by it but due to its non sustainable behavior that will cause its death and the pile up starts in the water which is scientifically known as ‘algae bloom’.

When these piles of dead algae increases, the locale becomes dead zone. In other words it becomes the locale in the water where there is no oxygen. This will cause the mass elimination of fish and other water animals. The result is altering of the eco system.

The bleach is also causing similar harm to the nature. They build short term gains but they do permanent harm to the rivers and earth and it will take years to reclaim. If you are determined for eco friendly alternatives, you will be contributing your part to lower the harm done to our earth.

The Gulf of Mexico is a glaring example of dead zone and thankfully there is growing demand for environmentally friendly items. It is a gratifying scenario that many companies are changing their out look in favor of environmentally friendly products thus to make a difference. Such companies are getting world wide acclaim and publicity which directly increases their sale and demand.

The spread of internet also plays its part, we can order for such products online and in the near future you may imagine to expect that the Super Markets are showing big flex boards “Natural environment friendly goods only”.

Timothy Greensland
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