Mar 022010

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Many people swear to the curative properties of bee pollen, but I’m skeptical to say the least. Raw bee pollen, the recommends claim, is a superb food containing all the bodies most necessary minerals and vitamins in a simple to digest, and efficient form. They’re saying that just eating the bee pollen is sufficient to turbo-charge your bodies health, and combat free radicals.

But that isn’t all they claim. They say the bee pollen boosts the immunological reaction by skyrocketing red and white blood cells, and also contains an antibacterial factor of some kind which allows the body to more successfully fight diseases. They say it’s great for the tum, moderating and controlling the organisms dwelling there and helping to help digestion and the absorption of nourishment My sister is one of these numerous bee pollen advocates. She has suffered for years from a condition called lengthened fatigue syndrome.

It took her some doctors before she even found one who recognized the existence of persistent fatigue syndrome, and, with no regard for how many energy supplements which she took, she only began to improve actually slowly. Ultimately, she went to another expert, one who specialized in lingering fatigue. He diagnosed her with candidiasis, often known as yeast overgrowth in the belly, and put her on an anti-fungal agent, as well as many additions.

One of her chums, some flaky new-ager who makes her cash off gazing at crystals to inform the fortunes of credulous housewives and desperate dreamers, told her this wasnot enough, and she wouldnot improve without the assistance of bee pollen. So my sister took the bee pollen. Sure enough, six weeks later on she was feeling way better. But, instead of attribute the intense improvement to her health to the additions prescribed to her by her doctor, a competent health care pro, she really thought that this was all due to the bee pollen! She added, to the extensive list of supposed advantagesof bee pollen, the capability to cut back the presence of fungus in the body. She was ready to completely ignore anything else which was going down in her body at the same time, and somehow to attribute everything to this one isolated factor, much to everybody’s dismay. She currently goes on the talk show circuit, telling star struck audiences that bee pollen saved her life. Some of the people will believe anything!

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