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On completion of assembling your PV solar panels. You now need to connect them to a system that will allow you to either use, store or feed to the grid the electricity you have generated. Remember that to ensure you get a fully working system that is capable of producing enough power to provide for all you home electricity needs, plan what you are going to do and always plan with the end goal in mind.

Mobile Solar Powered Systems

This is the quickest one to build. All you need is an inverter, charge controller, a battery and your PV solar panel.

Remember that as you make or purchase additional solar panels, these can be added to the system at a later date. The inverter will switch the current from DC to AC so you can power directly your household appliances.

If you find yourself in the enviable position of having excess electricity, instead of wasting it, you can feed it to a battery bank. Do not use standard auto battery, use a deep cycle battery.

Solar Power For a Grid Tied Home

If you currently have your electricity supplied by a utility company then give this type of setup very close consideration. Instead of storing the excess electricity in batteries, you feed it to the national grid. The benefit is you get paid by your supplier for producing the electricity, how cool is that.

After you build a solar panel, you will appreciate how easy they are to make. It takes less than a day to manufacture a solar PV panel and in one year you can easily make 26 of them. If you built 26 panels, this would probably be more than enough to cover not only your electricity bills but many other monthly as well.

Add a Battery Bank to Your Grid-Tied System

To cover all basis you may want a battery backup system integrated with you grid tied solar system. Should you have a cloudy day, or at night when you are generating no power, what do you do then? The battery system will store any previously unused electricity and so instead of tapping power from the grid you use your batteries.

Generate Solar Power With Off-Grid Homes

If you are not connected to the grid then you will want to have a battery bank of some considerable size. By doing so you will not waste any of the electricity you have generated.

Batteries perform better when they are warm so it is wise to invest in a battery box and keep them in your garage. A battery box also doubles up as offering a safety feature, so kids or animals don’t get to close. Just imagine if your dog peed up against a battery, or perhaps not!

Final thought, if you already have a generator, consider linking this to your system as this can charge your batteries should they get run down.

Different Types of Solar Powered Systems For the Home

  • Grid tied setup + battery bank
  • Grid tied systems
  • Off grid setup + generator + battery bank
  • Off grid system
  • Grid tied system without a battery bank

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