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On completion of assembling your PV solar panels. The next step is to put them into a system which can use all the electricity which has been produced. So you either feed the electricity to the grid, store it in batteries or power your appliances. You probably have a rough idea of what you want your finished system to look like, but plan very carefully. Know exactly how many watts of energy you need and how many watts of energy your solar panels are capable of producing.

Transportable Solar Powered Generators

This is the simplest of all the systems. The system comprises of a solar panel, charge controller, battery and an inverter.

You don’t have to build all your solar panels before you install a system in your home. You can add more solar panels as and when they are available. The solar panel produces DC current. This needs to be converted to an AC current which is the job of the inverter.

Should you produce more electricity than you use then the excess electricity can be stored in deep cycle batteries. These aren’t ordinary batteries so make sure you source the correct ones.

Grid-Tied Solar Generator

If you are connected to the national electricity grid then you should definitely consider this system. What you do is not waste time with batteries, you can send the extra power straight back to the grid. This has the effect of reversing your meter and so your electric utility supplier will credit you on your bill.

If you think about it, it is so easy and cheap to build a solar panel. You can easily build one panel in 7 days and let’s say over a year you build 35 of them. This could turn it a very profitable income stream which will not only pay for all your power bills but may also pay for all your household bills!

Add a Battery Bank to Your Grid-Tied System

To cover all basis you may want a battery backup system integrated with you grid tied solar system. Should you have a cloudy day, or at night when you are generating no power, what do you do then? The battery system will store any previously unused electricity and so instead of tapping power from the grid you use your batteries.

Generate Solar Power With Off-Grid Homes

If you are not connected to the grid then you will want to have a battery bank of some considerable size. And by having a battery back-up you will not have wasted any power you may have generated and not used.

Batteries perform better when they are warm so it is wise to invest in a battery box and keep them in your garage. Not only does the battery box keep your batteries warm they also prevent them from being tampered by children or animals. If a dog weed on a battery it would do a lot of damage let alone what it might do to the dog!

Final thought, if you already have a generator, consider linking this to your system as this can charge your batteries should they get run down.

Different Types of Solar Powered Systems For the Home

  • Off grid system
  • Off grid setup + generator + battery bank
  • Grid tied setup + battery bank
  • On Grid + battery bank + generator
  • Photovoltaic system without a battery backup

For more information about how to build a solar panel and use it for producing power for your appliances visit build a solar panel.

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