Jun 162010

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the carbon emission of the United State had grown 0.8% year by year for the last quarter century. As a percent this might not seem much. Yet this would amount to millions of tons of carbon discharges and it is due to this reason that American wind energy was introduced with the trust of cutting pollution caused by power generation in the country.

In the United States in 2008 the amount of wind energy installed exceeded 8500 MW. Thus american wind energy has gone from strength to strength. Yet most green radicals claim that this rate of growth in american wind energy is dissatisfactory and lobbies for bigger use of sustainable green energy.

Yet the government has had to face numerous obstacles when attempting to increase use of wind energy. First of course is the issue regarding the expenses. Establishing wind energy is comparatively expensive. Thus american wind energy tends to be quite pricey and this has been one of the greatest obstructions. The fact that birds tend to fly into the rotor blades has caused another problem. Transporting the essential equipment has also been an issue as the worthy regions tends to be quite remote. The equipment also takes up a substantial area. If american wind energy is to extend further solutions would have to be found to these troubles. Technological developments and advances could provide some answers at least to some of these troubles.

One of the added advantages of american wind energy is that it has lead to increase in work chances in rural remote regions where work is hard to find. Farmers can increase their incomes leasing the land and crops could be grown around the turbine, up to its very base. Thus, wind energy can be considered as a God send gift for developing rural America.

Use of wind energy does not needfully have to be at the national or state level. You can now enjoy the benefits of american wind energy through the use of a small wind machine which could provide enough electricity to meet the needs of a family. Since use of wind energy has increased within the country many firms are now involved in the industry. The potential for american wind energy does look quite serious.

Inexhaustible, sustainable forms of energy is a key factor in creating a better potential for our planet. Everyone worried should support initiatives like american wind energy and do their part in paving the way for a greener America.

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