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Living in a capitalist world, one of the most common (and indeed encouraged) of our social norms is that of the acquisition of property and consumer goods. We are actively encouraged to spend like crazy, and expend as much of our disposable income on the most expensive items. And yet, the bitter irony is that although we spend a lot of money and compare the prices charged for similar products….we always seem to miss the punch line; by virtue of the fact that we never really give much consideration to the process involved in the production of the items we use. Even with eco friendly technology, such as a Solar Powered Battery Charger.

Many of us will no doubt look at the various appliances we use on such a frequent basis and find some amusement from the idea that our laptops and gaming consoles could be the cause of such damage to our environment. After all, they produce no harmful emissions; no dangerous by products or chemicals…so really, what is the big deal? Is it just some sort of conspiracy by the eco-fascist brigade to spoil our fun, and derail the progress of legitimate free market economics? No. Irrespective of whether you power your appliances by means of a portable battery supply or from the mains power supply, the simple truth is that you are inflicting further harm upon the environment.

Electrical batteries are a nightmare to dispose of, there really is no real way to dispose of them cleanly, efficiently and above all else: safely. Cost rules supreme when it comes to disposal of these units, and so the most cost effective solution is to dump them in landfill sites and simply bury more rubbish on top of them. This would not be such a big issue if the components were actually biodegradable…but they aren’t and so unless we can wait around a century for them to finally break down, we have a real problem on our hands. We can’t burn or melt the components because that would create an unacceptably high level of pollution as well as potentially and actually lethal gases which would pose a significant risk to the personnel involved in the incineration process.

It is not all doom and gloom however, for there is a new solution at hand: solar powered battery charger. Given that these are designed to be rechargeable, this means that their lifespan is far greater than their traditional counterparts. This does not mean that they are infinite resources, although there is ongoing research designed to further finesse the longevity of these products.

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